Our A-frame domes are durable, stable, spacious and of high quality standards. With  a lot  of experience and knowledge in tents  industry and knowledge of the local  market demands  ,considering the local weather patterns  , royal tents have come up with gable design domes.

Our domes are made of very stable metal structure which is made of either portable or fixed truces. Our metal design enhances stability and security of the tent. Our stand heights are at an average of 10- 13 feet .these enhances proper ventilation and proper decoration space.

Domes are covered as per the clients request and demand with provisions for the doors, windows, ventilations, inner cloth lining, and transparent windows for natural light.

Our domes come in different colors and sizes.

Our prices are affordable and negotiable.

On domes, we have the best deal for you.

Ideal for you:



-indoor events

-and other ceremonies

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