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We are an awarding winning company in Tents Making as high quality products and Services is part of us.
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Dome Tents
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Dome Tents

With high demand of the bigger tents growing daily,royal temt makers has come up with the best technology .we design very stable ,spacious and adorable dome tents.

Events Tents

Events industry is evolving so fast and royal tent makers is live to these fact. As a frontline player in the events industry, royal tents have designed the best event tents in the tents industry

Car Parking Sheds

We design both commercial and residential car parking shades. Our shades come in different sizes, colour and designs. Car shades are important in protecting your car against all the effects of sun rays to your car engine and system not forgetting the effects of rain water.

Branded Tents

Many companies and business people are investing so much in marketing,telling the potential clients about their products ,goods and services.these is aggod thing and royal tents comes in to help tell their story.

Camping Tents

Camping tents are mostly function/purpose tailoured.with an intensive experience , knowledge and skills on camping tents,royal tents have set the bar so hign on manufacturing of the best and quality camping tents for both local and international market/customers


We make the best outdoor umbrellas I deal for both hotels,residential use and for business use, We design stable umbrellas out of metal,canvas and pvc tarpaulin.